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Be Careful with Cheap Quotes – It May Cost You in the End

Compare auto insurance policies - apples to apples

You know that expression, “you get what you pay for”?  Well, it really comes into action when you think about something like your auto insurance policy. Sure, sometimes it may seem like a quote from another insurance company may be comparable, but is it?  While all you see is the bottom line (the price you are paying monthly or annually), the actual policy behind that premium isn’t always equal. Not sure what that means? 

Policy details to consider in "cheaper" quotes

Take a look below for your must-know details.

Big-name companies aren’t always better

Most of us consider going with a big-name insurance provider. After all, they have great commercials and competitive rates, so it makes total sense that we’d consider them over smaller, local businesses. They must be better because they have more leverage, right? Not always!

Not to mention, big-name companies don’t always work as well as small business, behind the scenes. When you call to get a quote, you’re literally just a number to most of those customer service reps. The same thing goes for when you actually enable your insurance policy and put the cards into your vehicle. Even though you are now faithfully paying for a policy, you’re still just calling a 1-800 number, and you’re still just a number. If you were to call for information or to call in a claim, the agent you’re speaking with on the phone doesn’t know you, doesn't know your family, doesn't live where you live and suffer the same weather, traffic and etc concerns.

Pieces of your policy

The other thing to think about with the bigger companies or any quote comparison is that you shuldn't just be looking at the premium you are paying but what you are covering.  Because one policy may only have the state minimum auto coverage and the other may have additional optional coverage that you originally wanted.  You want to be sure your insurance policy covers you, your family and your assets and that minimum coverage may not be as protective as you want. It may not have all of the different elements in place to offer you full coverage. After all, they don’t know you or your family or anything about you.

So, with all that said, are you really protected as well as you can be?

Local agents have great advantages

Compare that to local agents. Sure, the rate may seem like it’s going to be higher at first. But, there are several great advantages to that slightly higher rate.

The first one is that you’ll be working with a local agent that drives the same streets that you do. They’ll know where wildlife collisions are more likely (and if you need coverage for it). They’ll understand how weather can impact driving and how to protect you as needed and if you live in a high risk flood area and if you don't, why you should still consider flood insurance.

These people not only know the area, but they also know you. Your family, your driving situation, and what protection is going to be the best choice for you. It offers you that peace of mind of knowing that your auto policy is actually a good fit for your needs rather than just some anonymous checklist done over the phone.

How to make the most out of your insurance search

If you want to know how to pick the right local agent to offer you insurance, focus on asking who your neighbors, friends, and family are insured with. They’ll often be the best referrals for local agents that treat them well.  Or check out their website and social media and see what folks are posting on their website reviews. When folks take the time to leave reviews they are usually honest.

The thing to remember is that insurance policy premiums don’t tell you the whole story. The protection behind them does. Local agents may have slightly higher rates, but think of it this way: your safety on the road is worth those premiums. Not to mention you are paying for that quality customer service and peace of mind knowing that your local agent cares about you and your family.

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