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Are You Properly Covered Personally?

There are various personal insurance coverages you should ensure you have

Knowing that you’ve got the proper personal insurance is essential when searching for a way to protect yourself from unnecessary and potentially devastating financial losses. That said, some have large holes in their personal coverage and don’t even know it! To help you fill those gaps, let’s take a moment to review what coverage you should have for your personal protection.

Personal insurance coverages


There is more than one type of home, as you know. So, get the insurance that will protect your specific type of home, or home situation. You can get condo insurance, homeowners insurance, renter’s insurance, and landlord insurance. No matter what form a home takes, you can enjoy proper protection for it. 

In that same vein, you should also get flood insurance, which isn’t covered in a traditional homeowners policy. This is an excellent consideration if you live in a flood-prone area or even if you don’t!


This could be classic car insurance, your daily automobile, boats and watercraft, motorcycles, and even collector cars. You can protect anything you want to drive with a proper insurance policy for that item. Since insurance is rarely “one size fits all,” you’ll want coverage for whatever type of vehicle you have!

Recreational vehicles

Motorhomes and traditional RVs should have their own kind of insurance tailored to their needs. If you use your recreational vehicle for traveling a lot during the warmer months, you know - most of the time in Texas, this kind of insurance is a must.

Also, this kind of insurance would be a dirt bike or an ATV. This is designed to be seasonal insurance so that you can enjoy tailored insurance for your recreational vehicle, whatever it might be.

Expensive/valuable item coverage

A homeowner’s policy can cover expensive valuables and other items, but there often is a cap on it. If you have items that go above and beyond the coverage limit, you can consider insurance that is just right for those particular items. It’ll help you to know that these expensive items can be paid out to you in the form of your purchased insurance, should you need to.

Life, pets, and general personal coverage

Having individual life insurance is no ones idea of a good conversation. Still, it can be a good thing to have so that you have peace of mind regarding what would happen to your family. You can also get pet insurance that will cover their medical costs, too.

Lastly, there is personal umbrella coverage/insurance. This is a general kind of insurance that covers the gaps where other policies don’t offer coverage. When searching for total peace of mind, this is a great choice to help you see just how you can protect yourself from financial ruin.

Not sure what you need? Get help from Harbour Insurance Services

Let’s be honest; insurance is not the easiest thing in the world to figure out. If you need support when looking for a way to understand what kind of insurance you should have and even how much of it you should have, take the time to contact your Harbour Insurance Services agent and chat with them about what you need for your own peace of mind.

Personal insurance is important to understand and appreciate, especially when it comes to the idea of understanding the differences between them and how they apply to your personal situation. The right guidance will go a long way to helping you make the most out of your policy.

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Review all of the personal insurance options available to you and your family