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Videography Insurance Options in League City

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Videographer Insurance & Equipment Protection

As a videographer, you have different risks to be concerned with as a typical business owner. You most likely have a studio and tons of expensive equipment, but you also have various opportunities to take that equipment on location. Either way, you'll need it to be protected whether in the studio, en route to the special event and on location at that wedding, concert, sporting event, birthday party and the like.  This is your bread and butter, so having the right coverage to protect your assets, your investment and your livelihood is necessary.

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) is the most common type of policy for a videographer business as it protects your studio just like a homeowners policy protects the home owner.  However, as a videographer in League City, you are still a business, therefore you may want to consider some of these typical business insurance options:

  • Business Income - protects a business owner from the loss of income when you can't run your videography business. Loss of your equipment or having damage to your studio would be an example of such losses.
  • General Liability - protects you in the case a client trips over your equipment resulting in an injury to them or if there is damage to your equipment while providing your services at an event or at the studio. 
  • Commercial Property – additional coverage to help protect your studio and equipment, whether you own it or if it is rented equipment.

Videographer Liability & Optional Insurance

Of course, there are always variables and every business is different. Some businesses have many employees, some none, some have property and others don't; but no matter your needs for your videography business in League City, Harbour Insurance Services is here to help ensure you are properly covered, your employees are covered, your business is protected and you have adequate insurance for your needs.

Take a look at some of the other business coverage options you have available to you and let's discuss your needs.

Contact Harbour Insurance Services at (281) 520-4090 with any questions you have about your videography business, other League City insurance business needs, for a free quote, or just to get started. We look forward to hearing from you and to help protect your business and future.