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Why Should I Get Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance for peace of mind and protecting your pet

Pets are key members of our family for most of us, and they get totally spoiled with beds, toys, and even doggy daycare, in some cases.  So, since we go above and beyond to take proper care of our furry friends, why not take the same formal steps for insurance, too?  More and more pet parents are considering pet insurance for just that reason.

What is pet insurance? 

Think of pet insurance as a health insurance policy on your pet!  This is a policy that covers emergency veterinarian visits, procedures and even routine health issues such as medications or yearly check-ups.  The price per month or year varies depending on what kind of protection that you get.

Why should I consider pet insurance?

It doesn’t matter how attentive we are as pet parents, or how good our pets get.  Sometimes accidents happen and they require immediate, intense support to protect their well-being.

For example, something as simple as your dog getting stung by a bee and needing vet assistance.  An emergency call to the vet can cost hundreds of dollars just to go to the on-call veterinarian (think urgent care for us humans).  Then, there’s the appointment, the treatment, and any blood work or scans that need to be done.  And, of course, any kind of prescription that they might need for their wounds to heal.  It all adds up.

Pet insurance can help that by offering reimbursement so that you aren’t out of pocket for potentially thousands of dollars just for a single accident.  After a deductible that you can set, pet insurance will reimburse you for the remaining amount and give you peace of mind in knowing that your pet is being properly taken care of. Just think, peace of mind insurance.

Another detail is that some of the policies can even protect third-party costs, too.  For example, your pet gets into a fight with a neighbor's dog and injuries them.  Instead of you having to pay for that out of pocket, it’s covered under the policy. Be sure to check with your favorite insurance agent, Harbour Insurance!

Pets are people too!

Okay, so technically not, but you knew what we meant! Pets are key members of your family and we get that!  We proudly offer pet insurance that ranges all the way from emergency vet procedures to standard annual pet care.  The goal is to pick a policy that meets the need that you see best for your pet, and know how to protect them and your bank account if it’s ever put into action. 

Many people find that they are unable to provide their pets with proper care when times are tight, and having pet insurance in place for those specific details or appointments that you can’t control (for instance, an emergency surgery after getting hit by a vehicle) can really offer a lot of comfort for those who want to do whatever is possible for their pet parents.

There are so many reasons to seriously consider pet insurance for your pet, but the most important final detail to remember is: pets are loved members of your family, so make sure you protect them just like you would with your human members!

Just like with our own medical bills, those for our pets can be just as important, just as unplanned, just as necessary and just as financially debilitating. So, the best way to help, is consider that pet insurance policy today. Need more help with how it works, what it costs, what you need and the like, contact Harbour Insurance Services today at (281) 520-4090 and let's get your pet covered and give you some peace of mind!