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What is an Independent Insurance Agent

Learn the benefits of an independent insurance agent

Not all insurance agents are the same. Not all of them will have the same offerings as others. An independent agent can work with multiple/various insurance companies to offer the clients the best deal in the long run. Here’s what you should know about choosing your insurance agent, and how to figure out what priorities matter most!

What actually is an independent insurance agent?

First, let’s take a look at what an independent agent is versus that of a captive or a direct insurance agent.

Captive insurance agent

A captive insurance agent works for one company specifically and offers insurance policies for that one company. A direct insurance agent is much the same, though there are a few differentiating points.

Independent insurance agent

An independent insurance agent is entirely different. This is a professional insurance agent who has policies available with many companies and providers that they can offer their clients. This leads to clients having access to more options because the “door is open” as far as policy origin points.

Benefits of the independent insurance agent

Since they’re not limited to one provider, an independent agent will have access to more options when it comes to the actual policies that they can offer their clients. This immediately means more personalized approaches to the plans and better client relationships.

Better rates

Because independent agents are able to shop around for plans from various carriers. This mean that clients get the best rate possible on the market. This is great for those that want a particular kind of insurance plan but are trying to keep their rates as low as possible. This helps build trust, too, when it comes to what the best quote really is going to be when the point arrives to make a decision.

Better relationship

As well, your insurance agent isn’t going to try to push a plan that isn’t working for their client. Since they can switch providers with their clients, their clients are the priority rather than the sale of a particular plan.

This will build trust and professionalism in the relationship between one and the other. It can also help the client ask clarifying questions and more to help them understand what they are getting. Many clients, especially new ones, won’t always feel comfortable asking questions with someone who doesn’t have their back the same way.

Local focus

An independent agent is firmly rooted in your community. They don’t work for one big company and represent only that company’s best interests. They also factor in community respect, trust and focus on always helping the community around them before the bottom line.

When it comes to choosing an insurance agent who always has your best interests at heart, a pressure-free, independent agent can be the best choice for a search that will end up with you having the best policy out there. Are they the only option? No, but you’ll get a quality of care that can make the difference when choosing what’s best for you and your insurance policies. This is not always a given in the insurance world!.

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