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The Benefits of Having a Relationship with a Local Agent

couple meeting insurance agent

So, the moment has come for you to decide whether you want to go with a 1-800# insurance company, a big insurance company or a local agent.  Which one is better?  Let’s take a look and see just why local is always the better call!

Local agents are the best

Local knows local

You can take this from a few points of view.  First, a local insurance agent (big or small) is going to be much more likely to help you out however they can because their business success is directly linked to being well-liked in the community and from building relationships to fellow business owners and clients  Second, they know what kind of issues you’re going to be facing.  For instance, someone who is out of state may not know that you need flood insurance or how horrible that last hurricane was, from first hand experience, but someone who lives local to you does.  This transfers to better protection.

Comfortable meetings and phone calls

When you have a question, need a change to your auto insurance policy or homeowners insurance policy, etc., knowing the person that you’re calling helps a lot.  You don’t need to deal with automated messages and you can find a lot more familiarity with the conversation itself, which helps if you are nervous or confused. Plus, nobody likes to have to press this for this option, this for that option - just answer the phone, right?  Usually local insurance agencies answer the phone and don't give you that run around.

Whether it’s a face-to-face meeting or a phone call, knowing the person that you’re talking to is going to help make those meetings a little easier.

Working for you

It sure does help knowing that your agent lives in the same area that they work and sell.  They may know what discounts or needs are best for you and your needs, because they need that too. Plus, as they get to know you personally, they know more about you, your assets and your family situation which then enables them to know more questions to ask, that you wouldn't have thought about asking yourself. 

Sure, they make a commission on the sale, but having a better relationship with their clients, they work harder for you and your family, they have a deeper interest.  You don't really get that from any 1-800# - they don't relate to you and your needs.

True personal support

We all have personal risk factors across all of our personal insurance lines.  Someone from a big insurance company will see you as a number with one or two general details.  Your rates will be calculated that way without ever really getting to know you personally.  A local agent will take a completely different approach.  They’ll understand your risk factors on a personal level and will often be able to help suggest tweaks or changes to your policy based on that personal first-hand knowledge.  It means that your insurance policies -- from home, condo and auto to boats, toys and business -- are going to be tailored to your situation and your needs, just as if they were your family.

The bottom line is that going with a local agent for your insurance means that you are getting a policy that is going to not only suit your needs now but also suit you in the near future.  A local agent is someone that you can grow with and they’ll keep your insurance policies up to date and accurate even as your situation changes (growing from renters’ insurance to homeowners' insurance or pet insurance to family insurance, for example). They will suggest annual reviews or an insurance review every so often to be sure that your changes are taken care of and still meet your needs. Yes, you can have too much coverage, just as you can have not enough... so we at Harbour Insurance Services work to get you the just right coverage for your needs. (Anyone else thinking of the Goldilocks and the 3 bears right now? lol)

Having a personal and focused relationship is always going to go a long way to making your day-to-day life easier, especially when it comes to something as frustrating and confusing, not to mention overwhelming, as insurance coverage.

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