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Preparing Your Business for Hurricane Season

Prepared your business for hurricane season

Hurricanes are never a good thing, personally or professionally.  If you’re a professional looking to do whatever they can to best prepare their business for the upcoming season, here are some useful tools to help you out with just that.

Double-check your coverage with your insurance agent

Sure, you’re pretty sure you’re covered.  But are you absolutely sure?  Don’t take the risk of missing out on coverage because you didn't double-check your coverage!  Get in touch with your agent and make sure that you’ve specifically got flood insurance, not to mention there is a 30 day waiting period before you are covered, so that is a must as far as planning ahead.  It will help you be protected financially, but also make sure that you are being proactive -- a must for successful business professionals!

Make sure your employees are ready

On both a personalized note as well as a true professional one, you’ll want to make sure that your employees are ready for hurricane season.  Encourage them to prepare their homes and loved ones for the season, and then pair that with the same emergency preparation for employees in your office.

For example, have emergency kits that can cover everyone for up to 72 hours in case of a fast occurring hurricane that storm-stays everyone.  This includes normal things such as water, blankets, pillows, and first aid kits.

Prepare your business itself

When you want to make sure that you’ve got your business setting itself properly prepared for a potential hurricane, you’ll break this into exterior and interior jobs so that nothing gets missed or left out in the chaos. 

For outside your office, this could include a certification from a professional that your roof can support a tree fall or severe winds.  It also includes details such as the removal of low-hanging tree limbs and shutters for windows and doors. 

When it comes to the inside, it’ll be details such as removing sensitive data or electronics to higher ground and/or backing up as much as possible off-site with cloud storage.  Be ready to simply “unplug and go” if the need arises.  This includes turning off the utilities if a storm hits. Consider reviewing your cyber liability coverage to be sure you are protected in case you have to leave in a hurry.

Have a continuity plan ready to go

One of the most obvious options to include in this is going to be the idea of having your employees ready to work from home.  Since many adopted this quickly during the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, this is now a worthwhile addition to hurricane preparedness.

You’ll also want to have your plan ready to encompass details such as how your business will continue through loss of access to, or use of, the office space, etc.  Your business needs to have as strong an emergency preparedness plan as your home, after all!

From one detail to the next, preparing for hurricane season as a business can be a little overwhelming at first.  But, if you’re looking for a way to make sure that you don’t get caught without a plan, these tips will help you prepare safely, in plenty of time to put it all into action, and also with the comfort of knowing that you're, well, protected!

Should you need an extra set of eyes to ensure your business is properly covered prior to hurricane season, or any time, contact Harbour Insurance Services at (281) 520-4090 and let us review your business coverage for and with you.