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Cyber Liability and Why Your Business Needs to Have It

cyber liability and protecting your League City business

There are so many protections that you have to have in place these days to keep yourself safe, and this goes for personal as well as business.  But you need to have business insurance to protect your company.  One of the critical ones to have these days is going to be cyber liability insurance.  Modern and still one of those policies that a lot of established companies don’t have in place, it’s more important than ever to consider for the up and coming business that wants to protect themselves.

What is cyber liability insurance?

This is a type of insurance that is going to protect a company and its employees from cyber-based expenses.  It’s intended to offer liability protection for a company should they be attacked by ransomware and suffer from losses.

Why is cyber liability important?

There are many reasons for you to consider cyber liability insurance for your business, especially in this modern day and tech age where pretty much everyone has some sort of professional online presence.  Let's not forget that you store your client's personal information online as well as all of your work information is online as well - all that data needs to be protected.

Cyber-attacks are often random

Those who mean harm will attack smaller companies just as often as, but likely more than larger ones, but the actual choice between you and your competition is random. This means that everyone is equally vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

Hackers go for financial information first

Businesses store all kinds of financial and personal information online.  While it is all backed up and encrypted, etc, it is still online and hackers will go for it first. Even if you don’t think there’s enough information for hackers to profit from, they’ll still go for it!

Upgrading to new security gets expensive, fast

If you are hacked and need to fix up your defenses as well as upgrade to a new protection software, the costs are astronomical. The kicker is that you don’t have a choice to make them.  Once you’ve been hacked, you know that your security has been breached and needs to be updated right then and there.  You lose your planning ahead option so be sure to do it when you are able and can control the timeline versus when it is too late and you don't have the extra time.

It helps you recover from losses

Cyber liability will also give you protection from losses associated with ransomware attacks. From lost income to reputation damage repair and more, it’s all covered and it can be what helps you open your doors back up, or keep them closed permanently.

What does cyber liability cover?

If you’ve got a cyber liability policy in place, you’ll find that its widespread protection can be comforting, especially because no two hackers will attack the same way or ask for the same ransom payment. Cyber liability can protect against any confidential data that was stolen and its associated costs to get it back. It can also cover you from costs associated with malware that is installed on your computer and a ransom being demanded to remove it.  It covers business interruption, forensic investigation, paper and electronic data, business interruption and even loss of control of your business.

Simply put, cyber liability insurance is what will help you keep yourself safe from online hackers that want nothing more than to make you pay for the breaches.  It’s more important than ever to have it in place.

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