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Most Common Causes of Home Damage & What You Can Do

Trim trees around your home to protect it

It’s kind of terrifying to think about the fact that most of our homes are under threat almost all the time, especially with Hurricane Season in the Texas Gulf.  While it’s not necessarily a guy with a lockpick, the environment around us is certainly prone to creating lots of expensive and preventable problems for home damage.

Top home repair tasks

If you want to keep your home safe from some of the most common, and expensive, repairs that are needed in hundreds if not thousands of homes, here is a list to help you stay on top of it all!

Trees and limbs

  • Weakening limbs and foliage
  • Storm-related damage
  • Potential damage to roof

Water leaks

  • Pipes
  • Washing machines
  • AC units
  • Dishwashers

Weather damage

Trees and limbs

While trees are beautiful decorations for our homes and properties, they can create some damage a lot easier than you’d think.  First, as trees age, their foliage-laden limbs get weaker and are much more prone to falling on your roof, wires, etc.  You’ll want to keep annual maintenance and pruning up to date for your trees to nip this problem in the bud -- see what we did there?

Water leaks

Most people think of a leaking roof when it comes to water and damage, which is true, but household water leaks are just as common.  The list above is some of the most common appliances that create potentially expensive water leak repairs regularly.  To help prevent that, make sure all are installed correctly by certified professionals, and also take the time to get them inspected and cleaned more regularly to help spot a problem before it becomes an expensive one!

Weather damage

Of course, you can expect your basic weather-related damage to cause a few problems.  From rain to hail to wind, all these things can create long-lasting damage.  Before any kind of rain, hail, or wind is expected, do what you can to protect your home and property.  Take in any patio furniture or outside decorations, keep your windows firmly closed and locked during a storm, and prioritize annual cleaning of your gutters to make sure that water can run-off away from your home instead of potentially pooling at your foundation and creating a huge mess!  The middle of a storm is never going to be a good time to realize you’ve got flying patio chairs or a clogged downspout, after all!

Other considerations

If you are going to be traveling or otherwise away from your home, make sure that someone is checking in on your home while you’re gone.  Not only will they catch a potential issue and work to fix it before it gets expensive, but it can also thwart issues of theft since there is obvious movement in the home.

Protecting your home may take some thinking and planning, but it doesn’t have to be hard!  If you need some more tips and advice, reach out to your go to insurance agents at Harbour Insurance Services (call (281) 520-4090) and see what we can recommend to help you keep your home in tip-top shape, and completely safe from anything that may cause it harm! 

As always, should you need a home insurance quote - get yours here!