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The 2nd Most Common Reason People FEAR Life Insurance

the myths of life insurance costs and why we shouldn't fear it

#1 Reason Folks Fear Life Insurance

We all may know, or think, that the #1 reason people fear life insurance is because they believe it will be too expensive. 

In reality, that is almost always not the case.

#2 Reasons People Fear Life Insurance

The 2nd reason people fear life insurance is…get ready for an earth shattering revelation…they are not perfect medical specimens! 

Shock of shocks but, most of us have issues and scant few are “perfect”.  

  • Are you a little too short for your weight?
  • Are you a little too young for your age?
  • Are you way too healthy to be taking all those medications?
  • Are you feeling older than you really are?

Well, welcome to the human race.

The fact is, insurance companies know this and they base their pricing knowing folks usually have or are going to develop one thing or another.  It’s called life insurance because it is about the issues in life.

So, don’t let the #2 reason cause you to have the #1 reason.  Know that we have the ability to find you the very best life insurance with the very best company, priced the very best for you…human condition included!

The best way to start is to give our no obligation, free quote tool a try.  You will likely be very surprised there was nothing to fear at all.

Should you have any questions and want to talk it over first, we are here for you to go over any questions or concerns you may have. Contact Harbour Insurance Services today at (281) 520-4090 and let's get to chatting! Should you need a review of your personal insurance coverages, including life insurance, we can help with that too. That's the great thing with being an independent insurance agent, we can help you with ALL of your personal and business insurance needs. Contact us today!