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Enjoy A Drama-Free Holiday Season

enjoy the holiday season with family and not drama

It’s one of the most exciting times of the year, the holidays. Yet, despite it being such a wonderful and festive time of year, it can also bring a lot of possible upset and even drama to even the most level-headed and stable household. Is there a way to give yourself the gift of a drama-free holiday? You might not be able to get rid of every ounce of stress, but you certainly can adjust your outlook to keep drama at an all-time low.

Drama Free Holiday? Why Yes Please

Take a look below at these drama free kind of tips to help.

Avoid stressful conversations

There will always be a few topics that should be off-limits to keep the conversation light at a social gathering. Don’t use the holidays as a time to get into those touchy subjects. Keep conversations safe and enjoyable. You’ll find this also helps you get the most out of your holiday family time, too, instead of feeling tense about discussing rough topics, in particular.

Book some extra you-time with self-care

Taking care of yourself means remembering to prioritize your own self-care. There are several ways you could be looking at doing that. Some of the best examples include booking spa treatments, seeing a mental health professional, and reducing work hours. Do what you need to for your own preventative care! The holidays are stressful in ways that many of us don’t even realize, so making time for self-care will help combat that.

Enforce and protect your boundaries

This is such an important facet of a drama-free holiday. Understand where your boundaries are and how to protect them from everyone. Don’t like too many people in your home? Then, don’t offer to host Thanksgiving. Struggle with wrapping Christmas gifts? Then enlist in services that will wrap them beautifully for just a few dollars. Don’t want to talk about a difficult break-up with your bestie? Then set up some boundaries ahead of time and let them know that this topic is off-limits, for now.

Spend some much-needed time in your comfort zoneEnjoy conversation at the holiday dinner table without the extra drama

There are a lot of people who focus attention on stepping out of their comfort zone and trying new things. However, ignore that when it comes to your holiday plan. Stay firmly in your comfort zone and remember what you want and need to keep your holiday season fun, exciting, and rejuvenating. In some ways, staying in your comfort zone on New Year’s Eve rather than doing “what’s expected” can be a much more rewarding and fun way to celebrate the turning of the calendar!

These tips will help you to dedicate some extra TLC to yourself for a happy and mentally healthy holiday season. While we know you don't want to discuss bills and insurance over the holidays, be sure you are safe and covered so you don't have to stress more than necessary should something happen. No one wants a disaster, ever, let alone over the holidays,so be sure you are protected. 

So, whether you are traveling this holiday season, staying home and need some tips to stay safe, don’t forget to be extra kind to yourself this season, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, to the New Year, and beyond. The last few years have been really difficult for all of us, especially with the most recent economic struggles. Make it easier on yourself by taking some time to learn about how to enjoy the holidays. You won’t regret it!

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