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Back to School Preparation for Families

back to school preparation and things to consider and be aware of

Whether school is already in full swing and just getting started... we all go through the same process of change when schools start. We start to see school buses doing their route tests and then begin with picking up and dropping off kids. Teachers leave the summer fun and prepare themselves for back-to-school season. Parents begin the change from kids being home 24/7 to off to college or back to K-12 school.

Back to school prep, for everyone

Consider this your go-to guide to help you master back-to-school preparation for the whole family -- not just school-aged children.

Be prepared for congestion

Roads and parking lots are always more congested when school starts up again. It isn’t just the first week, either -- it’s like that all year long. When you are planning your morning commute or your school run etc., plan for the congestion from school buses and their many stops, kids waiting for school buses, extra drivers on the road on their way to school or college, etc. It may mean taking a different route than normal if you always find yourself in a rush!  Don't forget to obey the new school zone speed limits and those flashing red lights on the buses! 

Create a transportation plan

If you have kids in school or college, make sure everyone understands the transportation plan. Who is taking the bus? Are students walking to school? Are they meeting friends and neighbors to carpool together? If the plan differs depending on the day (especially with college students), then have it all worked out and put on a schedule so that everyone in the household knows who is going, when, and where.

Check and update your insurance plan

With the new school year starting, there are also going to be new changes to who is driving and where they are driving, especially with households that have teenage and older children. As teenage drivers start a new school year, they’ll want to drive to school and go to lunch off campus. Make sure your insurance policy will cover their driving needs if you choose to allow that.

If you have college-aged students, ensure that your insurance coverage is going to cover their driving to and from school (particularly if they are living away from home). You’ll also want to consider adding rental insurance if they are renting an apartment or even staying in the dorm. This is meant to cover their belongings IN their residence in case of fire, theft or the like. If you aren’t sure what your college-attending student needs for insurance, giving your My Harbour Insurance Agent a call is a great idea; they’ll be able to check their offerings to ensure you have everything you need!

Have a conversation with your young driver

A roadway and/or neighborhood full of school buses, running children, and new distractions can be really intimidating for young drivers. If your teen driver is not used to school traffic or they’re prone to distractions, getting them used to this change in rhythm is a good idea before they drive solo! You can also use this as a reminder to your young driver to stay distraction-free when they pull out onto the road.

The back-to-school season tends to bring a lot of changes to the modern family, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful change. Take the time to make sure that all of your insurance needs are covered so that you have what you need if you need it. There’s nothing like proper protection to start your school year off right!

Contact My Harbour Insurance Services at (281) 520-4090 with any questions about your personal insurance and let us help ensure you are properly covered during the new school season and any time!