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Why Annual Insurance Reviews of Personal Insurance Are Important

Review your insurance coverages annually to be sure you are covered

We get it.  Life gets busy, and before you know it, it’s a brand-new year and you’ve got your plate full (already) with a billion new things to focus on.  So, with life as hectic and crazy as it is, you probably haven’t thought to make time for an annual review of your personal insurance policies, right?  Right.  However, taking just a bit of time is going to be really important for making sure that you are seriously staying on top of things.  Here’s why.

Small changes to personal insurance policies are important

Whether it’s your home, boat, RV, or condo, the personal insurance policies that you have are built on specific details in their coverage and their restrictions.  Any time that you have a change in either your family or your insured item, those changes should be noted on your policy, too. It’s such a small change, really, that most of us don’t think about adding or adapting it to our policies.  However, that leaves you vulnerable to the policy being voided or something not being covered. The best way to keep yourself safe, and covered, is to have regular reviews -- check-ups if you will -- in place.

Your agent can spot potential gaps

Sometimes, something like your renter’s insurance may have a gap in it.  It happens from time to time.  Your agent, in going over your policy with you, detail by detail, may be able to spot those gaps and this means that you’ll have better protection. Having a personal relationship with your insurance agent sure does make a big difference too! When was the last time your "1-800# insurance person" asked about your family?

Insurance is not something you want to forget

Let’s be blunt: insurance is frustrating and annoying, but necessary!  Before you are renewed into another year, you’ll want to ensure that you’re covered for everything that you have and that it’s all up to date.  That way, if you have to ever put in a claim, you know that your protection is up to date, valid and that there isn’t an ATV that you forgot -- the very same one that now needs work, of course.

It doesn’t take long to do

In most cases, it’s a simple sit-down meeting or even a phone call, to go over all of the details. It takes less time than you think, and it’s going to be one of those things that is a pain in the butt only until you get it done.  Then, you realize that it was actually a whole lot easier than you assumed, and it’s easier to make time for in the future! Plus, just the mere fact that you know that everything is covered - so be sure to take the time!

It offers superior peace of mind

This is really important.  Insurance is there to, well, insure us.  We want to know that our family, property, contents and vehicles are protected.  Reviewing your insurance policy yearly means that you will be able to have reassurance every year, and it can do a lot to reassure you that everything is covered and under control.  When it comes to mental health and enjoying peace, every little bit helps, right?

Sure, a lot of us are low on free time.  But reviewing your policy is quick, easy, stress-free, and so worth the little bit of time and energy that it takes! Contact Harbour Insurance Services at (281) 520-4090 and let one of our agents walk you through your current coverages, discuss any changes in your family and/or lifestyle and assess any potential gaps.