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3 Awesome Ways Your Independent Insurance Agent Can Help

how your independent local insurance agent can help you

First of all, what is an Independent Agent?  In short, an Independent Agent is not limited to insurance from only one company.  We can shop from several.  And, by shopping among various insurance companies, we can find the best combination of coverage, price and service----the best value for your insurance dollar.  An Independent Agent is someone you can count on and trust. 

So, how can we help you?

3 Awesome Ways Your Independent Insurance Agent Can Help You

1.  Identifies Your Insurance Needs

There are thousands of insurance policies and companies. Prices can vary greatly.  Some policies give more coverage than others.  Some companies are better than others. So many terms you have to know and understand.

  • How do you choose? 
  • How do you know what coverage is right for you?
  • Do you understand what you are getting?

We will help you get the right coverage that meets the needs of you, your family and your budget, while making sure you don't have too much or too little coverage.  

2.  Saves You Money on Coverage

We can put money in your pocket by shopping from the many policies and insurance carriers available on the market.  More choices can mean a better deal for you... but it can also mean, more confusion so don't go at it alone, let us know. Did you know that it doesn't cost you any more if you have an agent or if you go direct? Let us help.

3.  Offers You Other Money-Saving Strategies

An Independent Agency like Harbour Insurance Services Inc, knows other buying strategies that can save you money.  For example, your agent can suggest  whether it's cheaper to insure your teenage driver on your family auto policy or a separate policy.  Plus, there may be discounts that you qualify for or you may not have thought to get coverage for your "widget".  We ask you the right questions to be sure you know what you need to know and we get you coverage for everyhting that should be covered. Nothing like having a claim to realize that you didn't know you needed this type of coverage because you didn't understand or thought it was covered elseweher.  Ask us for advice, you'll get it!

In short, an independent insurance agent is a local agent helping local people.  We're your neighbor -- your friend!!

These are just 3 awesome ways we can help you.  There are many more.  Contact us today at (281) 520-4090 to find out more ways we can help you.

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